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iOS 17 updates


In iOS 17, you can create a sticker from your photos using the Photos or Messages app. Your stickers can either be from simple photos or live ones. Choose a photo you want to create a sticker from > long-press it to bring up the popup menu > go to Add Sticker and the app adds the new sticker to your collection, with a popup menu that had options for you to:

  • Rearrange the stickers in your collection by simply dragging them around.
  • Add Effect from five options available, Original, Outline, Comic, Puffy and Shiny.
  • Delete the sticker. If the popup menu doesn’t automatically appear, you can bring it up by simply long-pressing the sticker you want to edit.

In this public beta, Live photos are still very difficult to make stickers out of. So we’ll cover them when iOS 17 is less buggy.

In Messages, you can create stickers while chatting in the app, tap the plus icon (bottom left corner) > go to Stickers > then the plus icon (under your custom sticker collection) > choose a photo from your Photos library > Add Sticker to add it to your stickers collection and it has the same popup menu options to Rearrange, Add Effect or Delete.

To use your stickers, you can tap on it, add a comment or message and then send it. You can also drag and drop the sticker to a specific message. To resize and rotate, use the pinching gesture before dropping it onto a message. A single message can have multiple stickers. 

Emojis, and memojis can also behave as stickers now, in iOS 17. Some apps come with stickers that you can find on the sticker collection toolbar. You can edit to rearrange them, or get more stickers from App Store. 

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