Note-taking apps

This contains all the note-taking apps

An iPad showing a page in Noteful

General tips for digital note-taking

These tips and tricks work in all note-taking apps that support audio recording and include, but are not limited to, Notability, Noteful, Noteshelf, GoodNotes, ZoomNotes, Jnotes, and Samsung Notes.

An iPad showing Notability settings

Notability video course

Through a series of short videos, you will learn to master Notability from a beginner’s level to become a Pro. (We are adding new videos every day).

Image shows Samsung Notes opened in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

Samsung Notes User Guide for Beginners

Samsung Notes opens up where you left off the last time you were in the app. We are starting from the homepage because we need to orient ourselves with the app’s homepage before we can start taking notes.

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