Trash Bin in GoodNotes

In GoodNotes, you will find the Trash Bin under the settings icon on the homepage. It keeps your deleted pages, folders and documents for recycling (in case you want to restore items you accidentally deleted).

Trash Bin popup window

You can Empty to permanently delete all the documents. You also can Select items to

Trash Bin in GoodNotes
  • Recover, which puts back the item(s) to their original folder(s) or notebook(s)
  • Move to recover the item(s) to a different folder
  • Delete to permanently delete them from your app.

Export which does not work in this window, you must recover a document first to export it.

Sorting displayed items

GoodNotes displays your deleted documents by

  • Date
  • Name
  • Type

You can also view them as a List or Grid.

Trash Bin in GoodNotes

The down-facing arrow at the bottom of each item lets you Delete Permanently or Recover it. You can open folders to recover or delete individual documents. The star icon for marking favourites doesn’t work in this window.

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