The wrong way to use Notability

We have hours of videos on how to use Notability. A good app is as good as the user. If you know how to use an app, you get more out of it. Notability is primarily a handwriting note-taking app. It’s ideally designed for taking handwritten notes.

The Wrong Way

When typing in Notability, the text you type onto the page will shift the lines and grids in the app. This affects handwritten sections because they are fixed on the page. Text can therefore overlap into handwritten sections because it is not fixed on the page. This can mess up your notes, especially if you keep going back to earlier pages to add more typed notes. 

For typed notes, it’s best to use apps designed for that: WriteMapper, Notion, Microsoft Word, Bear, Noted and Scrivener (to mention but a few).

How To Fix It

I type all the headings in my rough notes. However, they are always in a sticky note, not directly on the page. A typed sticky note has a fixed area on the page (depending on how you adjust it). It thus becomes a fixed element as well, like your handwritten sections. So if you were to make any changes above or below your notes, the sticky note doesn’t shift. 

You can make a sticky note as small as a card or as large as a page. It doesn’t matter. It will remain fixed where you place it and you’ll never have to worry about sections of your notes overlapping. 

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  1. Is there any way to minimize a sticky note? (Or I wish I could make a sort of ‘hyperlink” to a note )

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