1. You can easily arrange your tasks in Apple Reminders by tapping the Three dots icon on your list(top right corner)

2. Go to Sort By to choose how you want to arrange your tasks: 

  • Manual: let’s you drag your tasks where you want them. Long-press a task till it lifts off the page, and move it where you want it. 
  • Deadline: arranges your tasks according to the deadline date you put. You can organise them from the Earliest First or Latest First.
  • Creation date: arranges your to-dos according to the date you added them, starting from the Oldest First or Newest First. 
  • Priority: uses your tasks’ priority levels, either from the Highest First or Lowest First. 
  • Title: organises your tasks in alphabetic order, in Ascending or Descending fashion.

Note: For each arrangement option you choose, you have to go back to the option (Three-dots icon > Sort By) to choose the sub-option below it. E.g Earliest First for the Deadline arrangement.

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