Settings for Document Editing in GoodNotes

On the homepage tap the settings icon > Settings > Document Editing. You can then:

  1. Enable or disable:
    • Automatic Screen Lock: when disabled it prevents your iPad screen from turning off or locking while listening to lectures/meetings.
    • Status Bar: removes the iPads status bar (showing the date, time, etc.) from your workspace to make GoodNotes look minimalist.
    • Pull to Add Page a gesture for adding new pages to your notes in the app.
    • Show Page Number: When enabled, GoodNotes displays the page numbers when scrolling the pages in your notebook (left bottom corner).
  2. Choose
    • Tool Position to appear at the Top or Bottom.
    • Scrolling Direction to scroll Horizontally or Vertically.
  3. Turn on/off Auto Advance for the zoom tool.
  4. Choose how you want your documents to open:
    • Automatically open new imported documents
    • Open Documents as New Tabs: when turned off, each document you open replaces the currently opened one.

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