Page editing in GoodNotes

You can edit the pages of your documents in GoodNotes from the page thumbnails or from within the workspace.

From the thumbnail

Single page editing

Tap on the foursquared icon to bring up your document’s thumbnails. Then go to the down-facing arrow at the bottom right corner of the page to:

  • Add Page Before the one you have selected.
  • Add Page After
  • Duplicate the page to replicate the page template and its contents.
The image shows an iPad Screenshot in GoodNotes four squared icon and Down Facing arrow for more options.
  • Add Page to Outline or Manage Outline if the page is already in your outline.
  • Export the page
  • Open in New Window to open in a new instance.
  • Move to Trash to delete it

Multiple page editing

You can Select multiple pages to:

The GIF shows how to select pages for more options

From the workspace

Tap on the three-dots icon at the top right corner of your toolbar. You can then:

An iPad screenshot showing page editing features in GoodNotes.
  1. Copy Page
  2. Rotate This Page
    • Clockwise 90°
    • Counter Clockwise 90°
    • 180°
  3. Add This Page to Outline
  4. Go to Page (to jump to a specific page).
  5. Clear Page
  6. Move to Trash
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