• Apple Reminders is a minimalist GTD that is divided into two columns; a small left column for your lists and tags, and a right one for your tasks/to-dos. This guide will use tasks and to-dos interchangeably.
  • The right column further divides into three distinct sections. Starting from the top, it has your smart lists, Lists, and Tags. All which will be discussed in depth throughout this guide.
  • At the top of the right column you have a customisable toolbar for quick actions.
  • The homepage of the app is also its workspace. To help you understand what that means, let’s look at Noteful. Noteful has a homepage for organising your notes. But when you open a notebook to start taking notes, it has a completely different user interface with completely different tools. This is called a workspace. Now back to Apple Reminders, we don’t have a different homepage and workspace. This is a typical setup with most GTD apps.
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