Organisation in GoodNotes

Documents tab

At the bottom of the homepage, in GoodNotes, you have tabs for Documents, Search Shared and Favourites. Under Documents, you can choose to display your documents by Date, Name or Type. Your documents display as thumbnails or lists (tap the list icon on the right to switch between the two). You can select multiple items (tap selection icon on the top right corner, next to the settings icon) to:

Folders & notebooks

GoodNotes supports folders within folders. Therefore, in GoodNotes, you can have an infinite number of folders within folders. Learn more about creating folders in GoodNotes. Both folders and notebooks each have a down-facing arrow next to their names. Tapping it you have options to do the following:

Open in New window
Share Link
Move to Trash

Search tab

Under Search, you can search all the documents in GoodNotes. Universal search searches through your scans, handwriting and PDFs. The app then displays your results organised under the following headings:

  • Written notes
  • PDFs
  • Document outlines

Share tab

A dot appears on the Share tab when someone has made changes to documents you’re collaborating, in GoodNotes. It also appears on the document and pages of that document where the changes are. Which makes updates easier to find for collaboration documents. You can arrange your shared documents by Share Date, Owner, Name, Modified. You can also filter them to see documents

  • Owned by Anyone
  • Owned by Me
  • Owned by Others
  • With Unseen Changes

Favourites tab

Favourites is a tab that shows all your favoured/starred folders, documents and bookmarked pages. You can arrange them by Date, Name, Type or filter to see Any, Documents, Pages only, Folders only.

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