Openings in Fantastical

Openings, in Fantastical, are the days and times you are available. Enabling them allows others to see those time slots. You can set up the following for your Openings:

  • Calendar Set used to check your availability
  • Meeting Templates for specific dates and times when you are free. Tap the Plus icon to add the following attributes to your template:
    • Name
    • Description
    • Calendar for confirmed events.
    • Custom Link,
    • Google Meet
    • Schedule adds:
      • Duration: up to a maximum 12hrs.
      • Start time: Can either Match Meeting Duration or be anything from 5 mins up to 12hrs.
      • Time Zone
      • Schedule: Set times you are free for different days of the week.
      • Available: makes your template available to others for a specific period (1-90 days into the future) or Within a Date Range.
      • Lead Time: is the minimum amount of time required for someone to schedule a meeting with you. You can set lead time to anything from 0 mins to 90 days (depending on how much time you need to prepare for a meeting.
      • Break Time: Sets the amount of time you need between your meetings. This could be Before or After a meeting, time for you to regroup. It can be anything from 0 mins to a maximum of 24 hrs.
    • Add Event Automatically or Manually. When you’re happy with all the attributes of your template, you can save it. You can also share it with others.
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