Notability subscription explained

For old users

The Classic plan in Notability is available for anyone who had purchased the app before the Notability 11.0 update. Old users keep all the features they had previously purchased before the app become a subscription. From the version 11.0 update, old users also get to keep the following updates for free:

For new users

Free trial

You can now try Notability for free, but it has crippling limitations that mean you can only try it for less than a week each month (with average use). Monthly edits count as anything you do in the app:

  • Handwrite or erase
  • Add media (photos, GIFs, stickers and stickynotes)
  • Add text

Subscription package

Notability+ is now a yearly subscription that costs $14.99/year. Paying for this means:

  • Removing edit limitations
  • Access to themes, technology features, planners & stickers
  • Subscriptions don’t support family sharing, it is one person per subscription
  • Access Notability on all your devices (under the Apple ID you use to purchase the subscription)

Non-subscription alternatives to Notability

FreeOne-time purchases
Apple Notes

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