The Notability Gallery is a notes-sharing platform in Notability. On the platform, you can share your notes or download those created by other Notability users. You can access it from the homepage, it is the New icon between the search and import icons on the top right corner of your screen.

Browsing content

You can browse the different topics or search for notes using tags. Tap on notes to view them. You can then preview the full pages of the notes within the gallery. To do that, tap the blue icon on the bottom right corner of the page thumbnail. In the preview window, you have options to Download PDF to save a copy of the notes. Or Download Note to save a fully editable copy.

When you tap on notes to view them from the search results, you can Download without looking at the full pages of the notes. You can also do the following on this window:

  • Share the link
  • Like the notes
  • Report them

Publishing your notes

You must have a Notability account to publish your notes to the Gallery.

  1. Go to the export icon > Publish to the Gallery.
  2. Fill out the details about your notes: topic, description and tags. Both your description and tags are optional and short.
  3. Publish your notes

Notability publishes all the pages in your notes, you can’t publish specific pages only. You also can’t publish notes you’re link-sharing (‘collaborating’ on). You can only do one or the other, at a time.

You can view your profile by tapping the top icon on the right. Your profile displays your Published, liked and Downloaded notes.

Editing & unpubishing your published notes

  1. On the Published tab, open the notes you want to edit.
  2. Go to the three dots icon near the Download icon (on your left).
  3. Edit to change any details.
  4. Unpublish to remove your notes from the gallery.

At the moment, you can’t update any changes you make to the notes after you’ve published them. You can also go to the Gallery to view the notes directly from your workspace > Export icon > View in Gallery.

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