Multitasking in Notability

Multitasking in Notability supports multiple instances as well as in-app split view using the app’s Note Switcher. Both features can open the same notebook twice. Multiple instances open the application twice, whereas the in-app split view just opens two documents that share one user interface.

Ways to open multiple instances

  1. From the homepage:
    • Long-press a notebook until it ‘lifts off the screen’ > drag it to the side you want it on.
    • Long-press for a popup menu > Open in New Window > drag the window where you want it
  2. Drag the app from the dock. Find out more cool iPad multitasking tips here.

Note Switcher

From the workspace (left edge of the screen), swipe to the right to bring up the Note Switcher. You can then choose a notebook to split view from Recent Notes or search your app for one. You can even create a new notebook (bottom of the Note Switcher) without closing your current document.

Tap the three dots icon and choose the side you want in your second notebook. You can also drag a notebook to where you want it. To switch the sides, bring up the Note Switcher again > three dots icon (on one of the open documents) > Switch. Multiple instances support only two percentage ratios:

  • 50:50
  • 25:75 or 75:25

The Note Switcher supports any ratios between 25-75. You, therefore, have a wider range of split ratios with the in-app split view than you do with multiple instances.

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