iPadOS support in Nebo

iPadOS support in most note-taking apps evaluates the app’s multitasking capabilities. It also covers features like drag & drop, dark mode and Scribble support.
Find out which is better: Nebo or Scribble for your handwriting conversion needs.


You can split view Nebo with other apps on your iPad. However, Nebo does not support multiple instances, yet. That means, you can’t open the app twice or open apps in Slide Over while using it.

Drag & drop

Nebo does not support drag & drop to/from other apps. You, therefore, can’t drag & drop images from Photos or any other app. To add images you must rely on the Plus icon or copy & paste.

Dark mode

Nebo does not support dark mode. The app doesn’t even change the user interface as other note-taking apps do. Overall, Nebo doesn’t have great iPadOS support.

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