How to organise your notes with a digital notebook (2022)

I am currently trying to breathe some new life into my high school french notes. Before throwing away the old paper notebook, I am rewriting them in our Paperless X Minimalist Digital Notebook.

Why use digital notebooks

Digital notebooks help you organise your notes, especially in Notability and Noteshelf, where you can’t create folders within folders. For any subject or project, a digital notebook groups all the topics in one notebook, instead of having a notebook per topic. For example, this digital notebook allows me to add twenty-one topics. I have all the topics (for my French notes )on the contents page.

When you have a lot of notes, navigating through many pages can be a bit of a pain. Hyperlinks will ease your navigation through pages in your notes. In this minimalist digital notebook, every page links back to the contents page. The table of contents has hyperlinks on the margins to avoid accidentally tapping on them when filling your topics. They also help you skip to different topics, saving you the time you’d otherwise waste scrolling through pages to get to your topics.

Few note-taking apps can create hyperlinks to link pages of your notes. Only ZoomNotes and PDF Expert have that capability. If you use any other app, which is the case for most users, you need a notebook that already has those hyperlinks.

How to use a digital notebook

On the contents page, you must fill in your topic. Tap on the hyperlink (in the margin) to go to the topic page. Once there, write or type out your topic in the top grey margin and start taking notes. We designed this digital notebook for simple note-taking to replicate physical books and notebooks. We wanted something familiar, digital and easy to use.

Every page in the notebook links back to the contents page. No matter where you are, you can easily skip to the contents page to go to another topic. Topic pages are the ones your contents page links to. You also get non-topic pages because rarely is one page enough to write notes for a topic. When you need more paper, you can duplicate these non-topic pages as much as you need. The duplicates also link back to the contents page.

After years of using digital notebooks, I have never needed different page templates in one notebook. Also, in an effort to explain digital notebooks, we thought to start with something very simple. That is why we designed one template for our digital notebooks: A4 and ruled.

We have covered complex digital notebooks in the past. Until now, it has been difficult to explain exactly what digital notebooks are. Most of you guys didn’t understand how they work and we hope this simplifies the idea. Should you need more complex notebooks, you can check out BrookeBot’s Digital Notebands.

How to get a copy

Our minimalist digital notebooks cost $4.99 in our shop. They are also available for free on Patreon for our wonderful patrons. They come in three line-spacing options: Narrow, College and Wide and we hope to add more page templates in the future.

Paperless X’s Minimalist Digital Notebook is the perfect notebook for simple and minimalist notes. It’s great for keeping all your subject or project notes together. Our team uses them for everything we take notes on. We particularly love the margins.

When we were designing these, we all had very different ideas on how our digital notebooks should look. The final product doesn’t look like anything anyone had designed, but, we all wanted margins. So we added margins! Don’t you just love it when digital stationery has margins? Are we the only ones?

Other alternatives

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  1. Hi Ropsie,
    Rohan here from India. Big Fan.
    We need a an App which works on Multiple Platforms ( Android, iOS, Mac and Windows). Currently we are looking at Notability, GoodNotes, but they are Apple Only apps.
    We need a cross platform app with a Planner support. Can you please advice on the same.

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