Creating a new notebook from an image in GoodNotes

  1. Tap on the Plus icon on the homepage of the app. Go to Image and choose a photo from your Photos Library. You can also opt to Take Photo with your camera instead of using a photo from your Photos.
  2. GoodNotes creates a new notebook using the image as a page template. The app uses the image size and the image itself becomes the page background. It, therefore, behaves like any other page template in the app. You can pull to add a new page from the same image. You can use this feature to:
  • Annotate diagrams
  • Use page templates that are PNG or JPEG format

    Note: GoodNotes doesn’t add margins around your image; you’re strictly limited to using the image as it is. To allow some space to write around your image, it’s better to add an image to your notebook as part of your notes.
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