How to create a new notebook from a scan in GoodNotes

  1. Starting from your homepage (Documents view) tap the Plus icon > Scan Documents.
  2. You can choose to turn on your flashlight.
  3. Decide what type of scan you want to take: Color, Grayscale, Black & White, Photo.
  4. You can set your iPad to Auto or Manual.
  5. You can adjust the corners of your selection for the scan.
  6. You can Retake or Keep Scan.
  7. When you Keep Scan, you can continue scanning more pages.
  8. Once you have finished scanning your document, tap Save on the bottom right corner to create your new notebook.

Tips about scanning in GoodNotes:

  • GoodNotes generally creates big files, scans are the biggest items you can add to your notes. We recommend not scanning documents directly in GoodNotes when your iPad storage is small. It is better to use scanning apps that can let you reduce the size of your scans before you import them into GoodNotes.
  • If you intend to search through your scans, it is best to scan your documents directly into the app.
  • When scanning documents, try to use a lot of natural lighting to make your scans look better.
  • Scan your documents the right way up if you intend to search through them. GoodNotes doesn’t search through scans documents that you have rotated.
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