How to create a new event in Fantastical

To create a new event in Fantastical, tap the plus icon (bottom right corner). You can then name the event and tap Show more to add:

  • Location by typing it or tapping the location icon (far right side)to search for a location.
  • Start and end date and time. For All-Day events, there is no need to pick a time. When your event is not marked as All-Day, you can choose a Time Zone for your scheduled time.
  • Pick a Calendar where your event belongs
  • Repeat your event every Day/Week/2 Weeks/Month/Year or pick a Custom repeat cycle. For your custom repeats, you have the following options:
    • Day(s)
    • Week(s) on specific days (Mon-Sun)
    • Month(s) on specific days (dates of the month) and week (1st – last week of the month on specific days of the week)
    • Year(s) on specific months and weekdays (1st – last week of the month on specific days of the week).
  • Alert before the event > scroll down to Date to create a custom alert.
  • Show As Busy/Free
  • Add URL and simple Notes > tap Add (top right corner to save your event).
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