Adding custom paper templates in Notability

Paper templates in Notability

Basic templates

Notability now has an impressive collection of paper templates to use in the app. Basic paper templates come in any colour you want and they have line-spacing options ranging from 1-10. Basic paper templates include plain, ruler, grid and dotted paper. They come either in portrait or landscape and now have several sizes:

  • A3-A7
  • Letter or Letter (optimised)
  • Legal
  • Tabloid

Specialist templates

You also get some specialist paper templates. These are limited to only three colour options: white, yellow and black. At the moment, they also don’t have any line spacing options. Their page sizes don’t support A6 or A7. These special templates include:

Hexagonal Grid
Cornell Note
Colleg Rule (with margin)
Manuscript (with margin)
Engineering grid
Music Staves
Daily planner
Goal tracker
Meal planner

Adding custom paper templates

  1. Notability now supports adding custom paper templates to the app’s Library. You can access the library from the:
    • homepage > Plus icon (bottom right corner) > My Templates.
    • workspace > three-dots icon > Templates > My Templates.
  2. Tap the Plus icon and choose a folder where you saved your templates.
  3. Pick a template to download it (if it’s in a Cloud Service) > name it > Save. This adds one template at a time, but you only ever have to do it once.

Note: Notability no longer recognises any custom templates as native, that means they no longer support page colours. You can create some custom templates to import into the app (for free) from here. Digital notebooks are also an excellent alternative to custom paper templates, but you have to import them each time you want to use them.

Create custom templates in Notability

  1. You can also create custom templates from pages in your notebook. Go to the stacked-pages icon (far right corner) > All Pages (first icon).
  2. Tap the three-dots icon of the page you want to save a template
  3. Tap Create Template > name it > Save. This copies everything on the page, including the notes on it. It’s not a smart way to copy pages as templates.

Note: if your template contains any hyperlinks, those are automatically deactivated.

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