Adding custom fonts to your iPad

Most note-taking apps support using custom fonts, so it’s essential you know how to add them to your iPad. I am assuming you already have your font downloaded and saved to iCloud.

For this tutorial, I am using AnyFont, but Fonteer, iFont and other font apps will also do just fine.

1. Open your Font application (in my case AnyFont)

2. Go to the plus sign at the top of the app and add your font (from your Cloud service). Mine is saved to iCloud Drive.  

Adding custom font in AnyFont that is already saved to iCloud Drive

3. Tap the font you just added > install > allow > close.

4. Now exit the app and go to your iPad Settings.

5. Go to General > Profiles.

Your added font is at the top of your already installed profiles.

Downloaded font on top of already installed profiles on your iPad

6. Tap on it > install > put in your passcode.

7. Tap Next, and install that profile. 

You can now use it in your note-taking apps that support custom fonts. Notability, GoodNotes 5, Noteshelf, ZoomNotes, Notes Plus and uPad all support custom fonts.

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  1. Does Noteshelf for Android not allow the uploading of custom fonts? Like from

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