Highlighter in GoodNotes

The highlighter in GoodNotes goes behind your ink, popping out important sections you want to stand out. You can straighten your highlighter, for neat highlights in your notes. To do that, tap the highlighter icon (double tap if it is not already selected) > turn on Draw in Straight Line.

Highlighter color

You can only save 3 colours of your highlighter on the far right side of the toolbar and 5 default presets when you tap the down-facing arrow of your selected colour. To add more colours to your presets:

  1. Tap Edit > Plus icon > pick a colour from the Grid, wheel or enter a HEX code.
  2. Add to Presets to save the new colour to your preset.
  3. You can also Remove Color from your presets in this popup window.

To reset to default preset colours, tap the down-facing arrow on the selected highlighter colour > three-bar icon (top left corner) > Restore Color Set.

Highlighter thickness

You can also save only 3 thicknesses for your highlighter on the toolbar. To adjust a thickness, double-tap on it, and adjust to the thickness you want (between 1,0-7,7mm).

The three-bar icon (with little circles) takes you to Restore Stroke to reset the default thickness for your highlighter. However, from our tests, it’s currently not working. It could be a bug.

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