Exporting options in Notability

Notability exports your notes in several formats, learn more about that here. Let’s look at the options you get for each of them.

Page range
Recordings✔ + images
PasswordImage type
Page margin
  • Page range: selects the pages you want to export. Deselect All then tap the specific pages you want to export.
  • Background (called Paper in the app): lets you export your notes with the page template, turn it off to export them on plain paper.
  • Recordings: includes your audio recordings as part of a zipped file, when turned on.
  • Password: protects PDFs with sensitive information. The person you share with will need your password to view its contents.
  • Page margin: add a small (empty) space around your pages, it give extra room to make annotations but sort of shrinks your notes to fit onto whatever page size you’re using.
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