Editing your pages in Notability

In Notability, you can edit the pages in your notebooks and PDFs. The page icon is the last tool on your toolbar, (far right corner). You can bookmark your pages for easier access.

Single page editing

For native pages

Each page thumbnail on the sidebar has a three-dots icon on the lower-left corner with options to:

  • Add Page to add a page with the notebook’s page template.
  • Cut
  • Copy to copy everything on the page (page template and notes).
  • Clear Page to delete all the annotations or notes on the page.
  • Delete the page

For PDF documents

PDF pages have two more editing options. The first one lets you Copy Background to copy the page template if you want to use it.

This copies the page template only, it doesn’t copy your notes. If your page template has any hyperlinks, those are copied too.

You can also Rotate the page which rotates the page template but it does not rotate the ink on the page (if that ink was written in Notability). Rotation, therefore, at this point is not very useful.

Multiple page editing

At the bottom of the sidebar, you can Select to pick multiple pages for editing. You then get the options to:

  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Duplicate
  • Bookmark
  • Clear Page
  • Delete

For PDF pages you can also Rotate and Copy Background.

Editing multiple pages in Notability
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