Audio recording in Notability

Getting started

To get started, tap on the microphone icon on your toolbar. You can record audio while typing or handwriting your notes and Notability will sync the two. The recording stage is simple and straightforward. Don’t forget to stop recording when you exit the app or at the end of your class/meeting. Notability continues recording if you exit the app (not close it, that would definitely stop the recording). The app continues recording even when your iPad is sleeping. The audio files created by Notability are very small and don’t take up much storage on your iPad.

You can also improve your recordings by using muffling Apple Pencil tips. Some say they work. We have only tried and tested EarPods and AirPods. Connect them to your device and move them away from your screen and closer to the speaker. You can hang EarPods over your neck or wear AirPods (most people won’t like this though).

Tips & tricks

It is also simple to add multiple tracks to your notebook. Simply tap the recording icon to start recording again. Please note: audio recording on the iPad does not work if you use the same device to join meetings/classes via video conferencing apps. For that, you will need a secondary device for the conference call if you intend to record audio in Notability.

Editing your recordings

To start editing, tap on the down-facing arrow next to the recording icon. Go to the audio wave icon to Select multiple recordings if you want to Merge or Delete them. You can also move the recordings around. Swipe to the left to Delete individual recordings.

Edit a single recording to open the editing window where you can rename your audio (top, middle pen icon). You can also split the audio to trim sections of it. In case you forgot to stop recording, you can delete the sections you don’t want. You can rename each split and tap Done when you’re happy with your changes. Or Clear to disregard the changes.

Audio playback

Tap on the down-facing arrow to get audio playback tools. You can play your audio at different speeds: 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x & 0.7x. You can fast forward or rewind 10s at a time. Your timeline has small blue stamps to mark different recording sessions. Under the settings icon you can play around with your Playback Settings for better playback:

  • Note Replay: if turned on, lets you see the animation of your notes as you play your audio.
  • Animation Preview: shows a transparent preview of your animation, which you can turn off if you want to revise your notes (for example).
  • Equalizer and Voice Boost help to improve the audio playback, and you can learn more about that here. To get the most out of your audio recordings, try to record good audio and improve its playback as well.
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