Your next steps after installing Fantastical

  • Tap Get Started to quickly set up the app. You must Allow Fantastical to access your Apple Calendar, Apple Reminders and Contacts. The app will also access your location information to show weather forecasts, time and location suggestion. You can then choose Don’t Allow on the popup window to deny the app access. By default, we suggest you Don’t Allow until you need the features that use these permissions (sometimes you might not even use them). You get popup requests for:
    • Apple CalendarApple RemindersContactsNotifications
      NB: Fantastical automatically enables your Accounts from iOS even if you Don’t Allow the app.

    You must Sign In or Create New Account with email, Apple, or Google > Continue. You can choose to sign up for the subscription. If you’re like us, you can Start Trial Later. It’s better to try the free version before signing up for the subscription. We also recommend looking into other GTD apps on our website, to see if there are any free versions that can suit your needs. You Show Tips to go through the tips for using the app or Close the popup window to get started.

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