Adding web clips to your notes in Notability

  1. Even though Notability seems to have an option to add web clips through the plus icon in the app, it’s actually not possible to do that. You must split-view your iPad screen to open Safari or Chrome.
  2. Drag & drop the webpage to Notability (make sure it is fully loaded first).
  3. Notability will open the page, Save (top left corner) to add the clip to your notes.
  4. Clips in Notability behave like images. You can do the following with them, once you’ve saved them:
  • Resize and rotate
  • Make the corners rounded
  • Crop
  • Wrap text
  • Cut, copy or delete them

Opening the web clips

The ‘image’ feel of web clips makes it difficult to open in Notability. Tap on the clip > Edit Clip > tap the ‘open externally’ icon for the web page to open in your browser.

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