Adding text in GoodNotes

Your text in GoodNotes goes in text boxes. With your text tool selected, tap on your text to Copy, Delete, Edit, Paste and Add Comment. Edit gives you options to style your text. On the toolbar, you can do the following with your text:

  • Change font (GoodNotes supports custom fonts, learn more about adding them to your iPad here).
  • Change text size (1 – 200pt)
  • Align paragraph to the left, centre or right
  • Turn on Automatic line spacing or manually adjust it (1 – 200pt)
  • Change text colour the Presets or Custom ones
  • Style the text box from Presets or Advance to:
    • Change the background and border colours
    • Adjust Round Corner (0 – 20pt)
    • Turn on Shadow
    • Adjust border thicks (0 – 20pt)
    • Add Padding (from 0pt to 20pt)

You can save one default text box style by tapping the text icon with a heart on it > Save as Default. You also get some keyboard toolbar options to make your text strikeout, bold, italic or underlined.

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