Adding stickers to your notes in GoodNotes

Adding stickers

You can add stickers to your notes, in GoodNotes:

  1. Tap the Stickers icon then choose a collection (bottom of popup window):
    • Recents
    • Sticky Notes
    • Mind Map Shapes
    • Back To School
    • Text Stamps
    • Everyday Stickers
    • You can even create a new collection with Plus icon at the end of your collection options.
Adding Stickers in GoodNotes

2. Pick a sticker you want to add to your notes.

Editing sticker collections

Tap on the collection name to get editing options:

Editing Stickers in GoodNotes
  • Rename Title
  • Delete stickers (tap the red x on each sticker)
  • Add Photos
  • Import from
  • The three dots icon at the top of the popup window lets you delete the collection. Tap done when you have finished editing the collection.

You can open your stickers in a different window by tapping the Book icon (next to the name). In split view, you can drag & drop the stickers to your notes.

Creating your own stickers

You can create your own stickers in GoodNotes, from photos, handwritten notes, text or any combination you want. To do that, select the section you want to save with the lasso tool. Make sure your lasso tool is set to pickup everything you want included in the sticker. Tap the selection to bring up lasso tool options > Add Element to new sticker > pick a collection to save to (or create a New Collection).

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