Adding shapes to your notes in GoodNotes

Adding shapes in GoodNotes is simple for both regular and irregular shapes. Simply draw your shape, hold your Apple Pencil and watch it transform. Even though the app has a dedicated shapes tool, you don’t need it to draw shapes. However, if you do want to use it:

  1. Select the Shapes icon on your toolbar.
  2. Draw your shape and it transforms almost instantaneously.

To adjust the shape, tap on it and drag the blue dots. There are a few cool things you can do with shapes in GoodNotes, you can:

An iPad screenshot showing how adding shapes in GoodNotes is easy
  • Draw shapes with different strokes that snap together if you turn on the option to Snap to Other Shapes.
  • Auto-fill the shape (turn on Fill Color) and change the fill colour for any shape that is not a circle/ellipses. Learn about how to draw filled shapes without a border here.
  • The lasso tool has a few options for your shapes (similar to those you get with handwriting):
    • Copy, Cut, Delete
    • Resize
    • Colour
    • Take Screenshot
    • Add Element

Changing the fill colour without changing the border colour

  1. Using the lasso tool, select a small section of the fill colour in your shape.
  2. Tap on the selection to bring up the pop up menu > Colour
  3. Choose the colour you want.

Note: this does not work on circular shapes at the moment. Any colour change you make on the fill also changes the border of the shape for all circles and ellipses in GoodNotes.

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