Adding shapes in Notability

Drawing shapes

Drawing shapes in Notability is very simple: draw a shape > hold the stroke until it transforms into a perfect shape. If your shapes are not transforming, check the homepage Settings > Handwriting > turn on Shapes Detection and Straight lines. Notability supports any kind of shape:

  • Regular
  • Irregular
  • Straight arrows with closed arrow heads
  • Curves

Editing shapes

Any shape you draw in Notability remains editable. While using any tool, except the scrolling/hand icon, tap on a shape to reshape it, that is, move around the points on the shape to create new looks or versions of it. It is much easier to appreciate with irregular shapes than regular ones. Tap on a shape with your finger to:

  • Move around the shape
  • Style the Stroke which is the shapes’ border. You can change its pen type, thickness and colour. You can also style the Fill of the shape. The fill is similar in opacity, to the stroke/border of the shape and you can’t adjust it.
  • Duplicate
  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Save
  • Delete

Resizing and rotation

To resize and rotate simultaneously, use the freehand lasso tool to select your shape > use your fingers to zoom in and out of the shape to resize it. This also rotates the shape, depending on the movements you make with your fingers. To rotate only or resize only, use the rectangular/rigid lasso tool on your toolbar. Grab one of the small squares on the selection to resize or the circular icon (with arrows) to rotate without resizing.

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