Adding images to your notes in Notability

The basics

You can add images to your notes from the Photo Library or take one with your iPad Camera.

Screenshot showing how to add photos and images in Notability.
  1. In your work space, tap to the plus icon on the tool bar
  2. Choose to add images from Photo Library or Camera.
  3. In Photo Library, choose Album > select all the images you want to add > Add (bottom of popup). You can also drag & drop the image you want.
  4. Tap Camera to take a photo > Use Photo to add it to your notes or Retake if you don’t like the shot you took.

Insert last image

In Notability, long-press on your screen to add the last photo you took with your camera.

Long-press on the screen in Notability to add the photo you recently shot with your camera.


Drag & drop images from other apps. Notability supports drag & drop and the app you’re getting the image from must also support the feature (meaning it must be able to drag items out to other apps).

Editing images

To select an image, tap it with a finger when using any tool on the toolbar (except the hand-icon). Once you have added/selected your image, you can then:

  • Enable/Disable Caption
  • Round Corners makes you image corners a bit round (it’s not very visible though).
  • Crop
  • Disable/Enable Text Wrap
  • Cut, Copy or Delete
  • Grab the square on corners to rezise and the middle circle with arrows rotates the images.
Showing options of what happens when you tap an image in Notability.
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