Adding images in GoodNotes

You can add images to your notes in GoodNotes:

  1. Tap the image icon on the top toolbar to access photos in your Photos Library (far right side of the toolbar).
  2. For bigger image thumbnails, tap the image icon again.
  3. Insert from lets you acces images through the Files app.
  4. Tap the image you want to add. GoodNotes adds one image at a time.
  5. You can then resize, rotate, crop, share and save the image as a sticker (Add Element).
An iPad screenshot in GoodNotes showing how to add images

When the image icon is selected, you can tap anywhere on the page to get image options. You can also drag & drop images into GoodNotes or add them as whole pages:

  1. Go to the Add page icon
  2. Choose to add the image Before or After the current page. You can also add it as a Last Page.
  3. Move down the popup window and find Image > choose the image you want to add as a whole page.

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