Adding a new page to your notebook in Nebo

Types of pages in Nebo

When you tap a Notebook (left sidebar), it displays all its Pages (bigger right column). Tap the Big plus icon labelled Add to create a new page for your notebook. Nebo creates three types of pages:

  • New Document: for converting your handwritten notes to text. Ideally, you can use this page type to take handwritten notes during a meeting/lecture. You can then convert the notes to a Word document that you can share with your colleagues. We will refer to this as ‘normal’ or Nebo pages, to differentiate it from the other type of page in the app.
  • New Note: an inifinite canvas for taking handwritten notes (only). The notes on this type of page are not converted to text. This page type is great for brainstorming ideas. The infinite canvas allows you write your notes in any direction and the page will keep expanding.
  • Import as PDF: imports PDFs into the app for simple PDF annotation. It has similar functions to what you get with a freeform page, only its pages are finite (as they are restricted to the page sizes of the PDF).

Each of these notebook types has both its strengths and limitations.

FeaturesDocumentsNotesPDF imports
Type with keyboard
Mix text & handwriting
Copy as
Add images
Add stretch
Add diagram
Add Math
Add freeform section

Naming your new page

The name of your page, regardless of its type, is in the middle, top of the upper menu on the screen. Simply tap on it to either name/rename it.

Homepage thumbnails

Note: On the homepage, your pages look different. You can tell them apart, right away without opening them. Documents have portrait thumbnails, whereas Notes have landscape ones. PDFs display the first page of the PDF, which gives it away.

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