Favourites toolbar in Notability

Adding tools

You can save your favourite pens, highlighters and erasers in Notability.

How to add tools to favourites toolbar in Notability

When you have chosen your pen/highlighter/eraser, tap on the Favourites icon at the bottom of your popup window to add it to your favourites.


  • Tap the bar on the beginning end of the favourites toolbar to move it around the page.
  • Tap the X icon to tuck it away.
  • Tap the star icon (bottom left corner) to bring it up. 

Removing tools

  1. Tap on the tool you want to remove to bring up the customisation popup window.
  2. At the bottom of that window, tap Remove.

Notability limits you to 12 favourite tools on your toolbar. After that you can’t add more, you can only adjust the ones already there.

Screenshot showing the two steps of removing favourite tools in Notability
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