How to stay organised on your iPad: 4 tips

1. Use a specific app for one specific task.

Avoid multitasking in your apps. I use Notability strictly for taking notes (rough, final and quick notes). When looking for notes on my iPad pro, chances are they will be in Notability. I am currently creating my rough notes in MarginNote 3. But when I finish studying a topic, I immediately export the notes to Notability to make sure all my notes are in Notability.

Most apps can multitask. Simply because they can, doesn’t mean you should. GoodNotes is a great PDFreader and an excellent note-taking app. However, when you purchase the app, you need to decide the one thing you will use the application for. Using it for both might be confusing.

Create a workflow for repeating activities once you have an app for each task

I scan documents handed to me in class. I then export them to other apps for use. My study resources go to MarginNote 3 and assignments go to Notability. I do this every day. It’s now an automated workflow that I don’t even have to think about.

2. Stick to one app

Especially with note-taking apps. When you find an app that works for you, stick to it. Don’t jump around making notes in different apps. Perhaps you haven’t found your app yet. By all means, try out as many options as is necessary to find an app that works for you. However, when experimenting, don’t migrate to a new app every time you think it might be a great app. When experimenting, keep it experimental. Only change your note-taking app when you are certain it will completely replace your current one.

3. Be organised in all your apps

It’s no use organising your apps if you’re disorganised within the apps. I organise my notes according to subjects. In each subject, I have study, rough and class notes. I have a filing system for my rough and class notes to keep them in one notebook. The indexed notebooks also help me with easier navigation through my notes.

4. Declutter your iPad.

Delete any documents and applications you don’t use. I delete rough notes once my final notes are ready. I delete photos as soon as I am done using them. Deleting unnecessary stuff keeps my documents/apps fewer and manageable.

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    1. GoodNotes doesn’t have Password protection. If someone gets your iPad, they will have access to those. That is probably the only thing you have to worry about. You can choose not to upload your documents to the Cloud and keep them safely on your iPad, which is good.

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